Palm Reading Los Angeles Palm Reading Palm reading is also called palmistry or chiromancy ("hand prediction").  It is an analysis of a person's hand to predict their future and personality.    Palm reading has been used for centuries in different cultures. The science of palmistry began during the Roman Empire and spread to the rest of the world; it traveled from China to India, and the famous scientist and philosopher Aristotle even presented King Alexander the Great with a handbook on the study of palms.  Ever since, the science of palm reading has prevailed as a respected practice in the world.   Palmistry has the ability to show specific characteristics of an individual. It can also predict the depth of one's wealth, quality of health, career, business, intellectuality, love and marital life.  In addition, palm reading can also reveal diseases and predict life span.    Master Akara is a fourth generation Palm Reader and uses the practice of palmistry during his readings as one of the various methods to obtain insight into your personality, as well as past, present, and future development. Call Now (818) 792-6676 Feng Shui Numerology Physiognomy Astrology Astrology | Palmistry | Feng Shui | Physiognomy | Numerology Master Akara can tell a lot about his client’s personality from the shape and lines of their hands. Most attributes are genetic, and these hereditary traits are shown in the many lines that are found in the palms. Psychic palmists are different from ordinary palmists due to their "sixth sense", which makes them aware of things a common palmist cannot see. Combining palmistry with a strong sense of intuition gives master Akara the ability to answer his questions with remarkable accuracy. For example, a person's Heart Line reveals emotional stability and romantic outlook; The Head Line reveals intellectualism; while the Life Line reveals physical health, general-well being and life span. On analyzing palm lines, a Master Master Akara gets a complete picture of the client’s basic personality, talents, and potential future. He then applies his intuitive and psychic talents to this information to bring clarity and unique perspective to the seeker's questions. Therefore, there is a good chance that clients will receive reliable knowledge about their natural talents, unresolved issues and the probable course of their future. The most frequently asked questions include. What does the future have in store for me? What can I expect from my life in terms of love, relationships, sex, and marriage? Will I find happiness? Will I be a wealthy person some day? Should I look for another job? Would I live a healthy and long life? Can I have children? If yes, which sex are they likely to be? Individual readings using palmistry can be done in person, and thanks to technology, even over the Internet.  If you are interested in having Master Akara provide you with a reading, please begin by filling out this simple form.