Los Angeles Astrology and Predictions Astrology and its benefits The study of astrology is based on knowledge of patterns and relationships of moving planets, the make-up of elements, our birth chart, and using that knowledge as a tool to find meaning.  It falls into the category of metaphysics the study of the realm beyond the physical.  The premise of astrology is the idea that the movement of planets affects occurrences in time.  Because we all are pieces that make up the Universe, we each possess specific "birth chart energies" unique to us, depending on the time and location at which we enter the Universe.   This is not to say that our lives have been pre-written for us, but the position of the planets at our birth (the year, season, day, time and location) provide insight into the inherent gifts we possess, clues about our personality, as well as the types of struggles we will run into in our lifetime.  As the planets progress in their movement, they will continue to engage with our individual birth chart energies in different ways, specific to us. As a fourth generation astrologer who has been practicing the art for over 40 years, Master Akara can use his skills in astrology to help provide individuals with clues to various aspects of their lives.  Individual readings using astrology can be done in person, and thanks to technology, even over the Internet.  If you are interested in having Master Akara provide you with a reading, please begin by filling out this simple form. Los Angeles Astrology Compatibility and Astrology Reading Call Now (818) 792-6676 Astrology | Palmistry | Feng Shui | Physiognomy | Numerology