Master Akara is a fourth generation astrologist, numerologist and palmist from his mother's side, and has been practicing his gift for more than 40 years. He acquired his expertise in Astrology and Feng Shui from his father, who was a famous Master of Feng Shui and astrology in Thailand. His goal in doing this work is to help people to live happier lives filled with love and respect for one another and environment.  He strongly believes in living by the "Feng Shui way" which stresses the respect of nature and the balance between all the elements from which humans and our world are created:  earth, wind, metal, fire and water. This variety of personal skills and knowledge contributes to the quality of Master Akara's readings. His method is to utilize his multiple gifts to give his clients the best guidance possible regarding their path in life. Master Akara lives in Los Angeles, and serves clients locally in Southern California, nationwide across the U.S., as well as internationally.   He has a column in the Los Angeles-based, multilingual weekly newspaper, Asian Pacific News.  He donates a significant percentage of his proceeds to various non- profits and causes, including the Thai Cultural Center of Los Angeles, and the My Stuff Bags Foundation, and other organizations providing support to abuse children. Palm Readings at it's very best. Call Now (818) 792-6676 Astrology | Palmistry | Feng Shui | Physiognomy | Numerology Master Akara | Los Angeles Palm Reader, Numerologist, Feng Shui Specialist, Spiritual Advisor
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